“We have a command Centre which is the heart of the cameramatics solutions where monitoring and access to footage is 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Our cameramatics solution is a future proof investment.”

It is difficult for the PSV Owners to track and identify the unofficial pickups done by their Drivers and Conductors without their knowledge which leads to loss of Road Collection revenue to the owners, inaccurate passenger data which is vital for insurance and safety bodies’ in case of an accident/incident. Therefore, to overcome this problem, PSV owners can use our Smart Seat Occupancy Detection System. Through the system, owners will not only get the occupancy details, notifications on seats occupancy in real time remotely or historical basis but also the exact bus location, how long the seat was occupied, total number of pickup/drops, bus stop points and number of passengers entered/left through the entire journey.

Seat Belt and Safety Management System, fully enhances Driver and Passengers safety. This Solution allows detecting the passengers not wearing their seatbelts. This ensures safety is adhered at all times throughout the driving period and also becomes a vital piece of data to insurance and safety bodies in case of an accident.

The black box Solutions helps in the challenges of reducing claims, fighting fraudulent ‘manufactured accidents. Existing dashcam and House Cctvs` fitted in some vehicles are not fit-for-purpose and lack relevant data provision that modern companies need. Black box Cameramatics solution met every need that fleet managers sought and allows them to face the challenges of insurance risk management head-on. The solution provides additional layer of data, on top of telematics and tracking (location) data. It provides total picture of the vehicle, the circumstances surrounding an accident and also a meaningful way to help prevent incidents before they occur and properly gather the relevant data after it occurs.

The Manager and Driver Apps allows Accidents Reporting (allows to take videos and pictures and stored in the system for managers), Proof of Compliance (Servicing, driver licenses and Insurance renewal reminders. Driver Safety (Paperless vehicles checks by drivers sent to manager’s platform).

Video and Telematics in one view: Tracking, telematics and video on a single platform. Get immediate insight and a complete picture of vehicle, goods, passengers and driver remotely via desktop or mobile phone with high quality footages and sound capture.

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