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Blackbox Cameramatics Solution

The solution provides additional layer of data, on top of telematics and tracking (location) data. It provides total picture of the vehicle, the circumstances surrounding an accident and also a meaningful way to help prevent incidents before they occur and properly gather the relevant data after it occurs. The solution also comprises “Fleet Cameras” NOT “house cameras” professionally installed by Roadwise.

Road Collection Management System

Our SMART SEAT OCCUPANCY SYSTEM enables PSV owners get real time notifications on seat occupancy to track and identify the UNOFFICIAL PICKUPS done by their drivers and conductors thus increasing revenue. Accurate passenger data is also vital for insurance and safety bodies in case of an accident or incident.

Seat Belt and Safety Management System

Seat Belt and Safety Management System, fully enhances Driver and Passengers safety. This Solution allows detecting the passengers not wearing their seatbelts. This ensures safety is adhered to at all times throughout the driving period and also becomes a vital piece of data to insurance and safety bodies in case of an accident.

Smart Unauthorized Passenger Detection for Company Vehicles

Detect unauthorized passengers through our SMART PASSENGER DETECTION SYSTEM and avoid unnecessary insurance claims.

Rear Cargo Facing Camera

Rest assured your cargo is safe. Secure and monitor your cargo in real time using the REAR CARGO FACING camera.

Fleet and Driver Compliance & Management Apps

The Manager and Driver Apps allows Accidents Reporting (allows taking of videos and pictures and stored in the system for managers), Proof of Compliance (Servicing, driver licenses and Insurance renewal reminders). Driver Safety (Paperless vehicles checks by drivers sent to manager’s platform).

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

With fuel costs hitting the roof you need a trusted partner and the right technology to monitor and manage FUEL CONSUMPTION remotely and in real time using state of the art fuel sensors.

Parcel Tracking System

Are you a parcel delivery company? Empower your customers to track their parcels in real time and receive notifications on parcel processing and location.

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We needed a customized and comprehensive fleet management solution. Roadwise Solutions were able to capture all our requirements and deliver a solution that addressed our needs.



Working with Roadwise was a delight as they involved us during every step of the process when implementing our fleet management system. This made transitioning to the new system easier for our company.

Steve Tailor​


Roadwise Solutions provided us with a fleet management solution that was fitting to our needs. The solution was delivered on time and training done to our staff which ensured efficient use of the new system.

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